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Paving in the Winter

Hello Everyone,

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Today we are discussing paving in the winter. While many people may think that due to the cooler weather we are unable to lay asphalt, the truth is we can! Yes, the weather causes the asphalt to cool faster than the warmer months. This just means logistically on our end we make sure that the time from asphalt plant to pave is the shortest possible. There are more days where there is heavy rainfall. Whether its summer or winter, heavy rainfall can prevent us from working. However, we still consistently pave four to five days a week.

There can even be some benefits to paving in the winter. Due to the faster cooling of the asphalt, vehicles can drive on the asphalt sooner than compared to the summer months. Which means installing the new asphalt for your property can be less access inconvenience then the summer! Another benefit to paving in the winter is the cost of your project. Many people don’t think about their asphalt until the summer months. This means that we are extremely busy in the summer and slower in the winter. However we believe in keeping our guys working throughout the year and not just seasonly. Therefore we are able to offer lower cost to keep our guys working and working consistently. So don’t be afraid of the cold, we sure aren’t!


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