Asphalt Paving

We strive to provide high quality asphalt and gravel services to Seattle-Tacoma area. Everything from parking lot maintenance to driveway paving. We are committed to serve you in any way we can. Below is a list of services offered.

Asphalt Paving

Whether it’s a new parking lot or a driveway, there are different requirements and needs when it comes to paving. However one thing that is essential, regardless of the type of paving required, is the proper subgrade. Whether its 5/8ths crushed rock or up to 1.5” rock, subgrade is a major factor that affects the life of the asphalt. Between compaction and grading this prep, done properly, will allow a significantly longer life for the asphalt then not being addressed properly. As we like to say “Base is everything.”

The depth of the asphalt depends on the type of usage the pavement will see. For residential and light use, 2”-3” is standard. Light use being cars and light-duty trucks. For commercial and heavy vehicles asphalt can be 4”-8” to ensure that the pavement has the desired life. The depth’s listed above are the final depth after the asphalt has been compacted.

Asphalt picked up at the plant is hot, around 300 degrees. The asphalt is then paved at 180 degrees to 200 degrees at a compaction of 92% to 95%. To ensure that we provide the correct compaction and surface we will use a light roller first to compact the asphalt. After the light roller we use a heavier roller to apply final compaction. This is what allows for long-lasting and smooth asphalt.

The duration of time until the asphalt can be driven is dependent upon several factors. The depth of the asphalt, temperatures present that day, and vehicles driving on asphalt all will affect the time that the asphalt needs to cool to ensure that no tire marks or issues occur.