Asphalt Repair

We strive to provide high quality asphalt and gravel services to Seattle-Tacoma area. Everything from parking lot maintenance to driveway paving. We are committed to serve you in any way we can. Below is a list of services offered.

Asphalt Repair

Washington State Paving is dedicated to providing you with long-lasting asphalt repair. We solve a large variety of problems for customers, from sinkholes to potholes. We are prepared and experienced to handle your problems. The type of repair depends on the issues at hand. There are even different options when addressing an issue. We focus on and specialize in providing the correct solution for each individual customer.

One thing for customers to take note of in order, to maximize the life of their pavement and their dollars, is the size of the repair. When regarding issues, the repair should extend 12”-18” beyond the visible repair. Issues that show through to the surface begin below the surface. Therefore repairing too small of areas can result in the issue continuing after the repair. Additionally, we Crack Seal our patches to ensure that the patches will have longest life possible. We always recommend this to customers, because we want to ensure that repair lasts and they are maximizing the amount they put into their pavement.

Type of Common Problems We Solve:

  • Pot-Holes
  • Sink-Holes
  • Root Repair
  • Alligatored Pavement
  • Damaged Utilities Beneath Asphalt
  • Trip Hazards

If you don’t see your issue listed above, don’t worry! We handle a multitude of issues on a consistent, and we are prepared to handle any asphalt issue you have.