Crack Sealing

We strive to provide high quality asphalt and gravel services to Seattle-Tacoma area. Everything from parking lot maintenance to driveway paving. We are committed to serve you in any way we can. Below is a list of services offered.

Crack Sealing

Crack Sealing/Crack Filling is an essential tool to extend and ensure the life of your asphalt. As asphalt ages, it begins to crack. When these cracks are left unattended, they allow water to seep through asphalt and accelerate the damage. Cracksealing ensures that the water will not seep through and extends the life of the pavement. Below are some important points regarding Crack Sealing / Crack Filling.

  • Cracks need to be cleaned prior to material be applied. This allows for the material to properly adhere and penetrate to the crack, to prevent moisture from moving through the crack.
  • The cracks need to be near dry to apply the material. Crack Seal cannot be applied in the rain. We want to ensure that our service will last.
  • Crack Fill is something that needs to be applied every few years to ensure you are getting the most out of your pavement.
  • The material is applied hot, near 400 degrees. To ensure proper application we heat the material prior to each use.
  • The amount of time before Crack Seal/Crack Fill can be driven on is dependent on weather. We work with our customers on
    ensuring the material is cooled if the area needs to driven on a short time after application.